Fresh blueberries? Order online

When harvest season begins, you don’t want to miss on getting your blueberry packs to enjoy with family and friends or just by yourself! Summer is the best time of the year to consume this wonderful superfood directly from the farm to your table. And you can do it with MAM Blueberry Farm¬†online ordering system! It’s fast and easy.¬†

Fill out the online form with your contact details and tell us the quantity of blueberries you want to purchase. Please, note that we currently offer 5-pound boxes (CAN$15 each) and 10-pound boxes (CAN$30 each). Indicate the number of boxes of each weight and we’ll prepare them for you to pick up.

We will contact you to confirm your order and day and time of pick up. You pay when you receive your order either in cash or by cheque. All cheques payable to Mari-Ad-Mare Food Ltd.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy blueberries at their best. Click here to order online.

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