What makes MAM Blueberry Farm unique?

Burns bogOur blueberry farm is located next to Burns Bog, a wetland ecosystem with a diverse variety of plant, animal and insect species; more than 300 plants and animals as well as 175 bird species are found in these 8,600 acres of wetland. It is the largest raised peat bog on the West Coast of North America. Burns Bog is important because it regulates water preventing flooding and maintaining cool water temperatures and regulates climate, which helps preserve the health of nearby creeks, an essential ecosystem for salmon breeding.

Having Burns Bog next to our farm means that our land is very rich in soil matter and is adequate for producing high quality blueberries. Because of our location, we also receive considerable amounts of sunshine every year – much more than any other place in the Lower Mainland. This is not only nice, of course, but also a vital requisite for healthy plant growing. Burns Bog was officially designated as an Ecological Conservancy Area in 2005 and we are thrilled to have it as our neighbour.